Jing Wen

Dr.  Ferrara is one of the greatest educators I have ever met.  During her visit to Jinling Primary School, Nanjing, China in February 2018, she observed some Chinese classes and hosted seven professional trainings for  teachers from the whole school district.  Based on her observations, she came up with an excellent training plan that answered […]

Jo Ebner

I first met Professor Ferrara in her role as Professional Development School Co-ordinator while she was serving as a Professor in Residence at the Thomas Edison Community School. She was lecturing in London and developing partnership work with the University of Roehampton. I was immediately inspired by the work that Dr Ferrara was undertaking and […]

Mark Deacon

“I began to work with Dr. Jo Ferrara in 2014 when she visited The University of Roehampton. JoAnne’s passion to change children’s lives through brilliant education shown through and resonated with the values of our University. I was delighted to introduce JoAnne to the challenges, opportunities and successes of the UK system. JoAnne brought her […]

Jane Quinn

“Through her dynamic combination of scholarship, teaching, writing and advocacy, Dr. JoAnne Ferrara has emerged as one of the most prominent voices in the community school field nationally.  She consistently brings to her work a deep understanding of life in low-income urban schools, including the many strengths and challenges in those settings—an understanding that is […]