“Through her dynamic combination of scholarship, teaching, writing and advocacy, Dr. JoAnne Ferrara has emerged as one of the most prominent voices in the community school field nationally.  She consistently brings to her work a deep understanding of life in low-income urban schools, including the many strengths and challenges in those settings—an understanding that is grounded in her considerable experience collaborating with principals, teachers, families, students and community partners.  Ferrara’s latest book, Community Schools: People and Places Transforming Education and Communities, which she co-edited with Reuben Jacobson (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019), exemplifies her nuanced and innovative thinking.  The book is organized around the most important aspects of community school implementation and draws on the expertise of colleagues from across the country and from diverse academic disciplines, with the result of providing cogent advice to practitioners and policy-makers.  Ferrara’s own chapter, on the role of pre-service teachers in community schools, highlights a cutting-edge issue in both the community school and teacher preparation fields.  In all her professional endeavors, Ferrara demonstrates a unique ability to bridge the seemingly separate worlds of K-12 and higher education. “