“JoAnne Ferrara is passionate about developing education systems and pedagogies to improve the life chances of young people. Her research and work on community focused schools is outstanding. Joanne has worked with others to help set up and develop community focused schools in practice. Indeed she has several published books highlighting her expertise in this area.

JoAnne believes in working in partnership with others for the benefit of all on both a local, national and international level. For example, her work with local schools led to an established teaching partnership programme enabling numerous new educators to receive the very highest level of training. She has worked with numerous partners and organisations across the globe and has led symposiums and training in the UK, China and across the USA. 

JoAnne believes in the importance of well-being for all. Her work on trauma informed practices supports schools and other organisations to ensure that they are better equipped to deal with the well-being and ultimate success of their learning organisation. JoAnne has an in-depth understanding of the impact that trauma can have on an individual’s ability to learn. The training that she provides in this field supports attendees to understand trauma and what they can do to mitigate its impact.