At One World to build a future ready enrichment program that supports educators as they try to prepare students for the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of a 21st Century world. . Dr. Ferrara has taken her experience in building community schools and used that experience to help One World build a global community of schools of character. 

No educator has provided One World with more consistent and profound support in our efforts to build our future ready program than Dr. Ferrara.   She has been a constant source of advice and support as we have developed programs intended to benefit students across the globe.  Dr. Ferrara has helped shape and deliver our global character education program in China, England, Wales and the United States.      

There is no doubt in my mind that a large part of the success of our program which has been taken up in over 200 classrooms in 10 countries around the world, owes to the powerful contributions made to One World by Dr. Ferrara.“