One World Global Education

Serving as the educational advisor to the company’s CEO. Designing strategies to align New York State’s curriculum with the program’s goals.

SUNY New Paltz

Designed a Professional Development School partnership plan for the School of Education and local school district. Will work closely with the School of Education faculty and district staff to implement a robust partnership in the 2024-2025 school year.

Llantarnam Community Primary School

Coaching and action planning with headteacher and implementation team to design a community focused school. Providing resources and inventorying school’s assets and gaps.

Schenectady City School District

Now in year two of implementation the district continues to deepen the community school strategy at 5 elementary schools. In fall 2024 the high school will be added to the network. Dr. Ferrara works with principals, community school supervisor, community school directors, and family liaisons to provide coaching and strategic planning.

Tarrytown School District

Providing a comprehensive community school implementation strategy to the district. The strategy includes principal coaching, workshops, needs assessment, resource inventory, focus groups and selection pilot schools. This multi-year project will focus on building community school capacity at selected schools

Consultation and coaching

 Dr. Ferrara contracts with school districts providing technical assistance  in community school implementation and trauma-responsive schooling. She develops site specific needs-assessment, data collection, and analysis. Services include workshops, strategic discussion facilitation, in-person and virtual consultation and coaching.